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Strengthen your client relationships with answers to their FAQ’s

Medical tests can seem daunting at the best of times. Your client may be uncertain about particular aspects of the procedure. For instance, why they are being asked to have the test or when they should expect to receive their results.

Being prepared with the answers to your client’s tricky questions will create peace of mind, strengthen the advisor/client relationship, and keep your retention rates at an all-time high.

Here is a list of our patient’s, your client’s most frequently asked questions and the answers you need to strengthen your client relationships.

Why am I being asked to have an insurance medical / blood test?

A request for a medical exam may come as a surprise to a first-time client seeking life insurance cover. Firstly, inform your client that your request for this exam is simply a means of checking their overall health and determining their risk factor. Secondly, explain to the client that life insurance companies require medical examinations to approve a new policy.

What happens next?

To resolve any uncertainties the client may have, clarify that the medical exam isn’t an invasive or timely process. They can expect contact within 24 hours of receiving the referral to arrange an appointment. Your client may need to attend a specialist or GP for certain requirements, but you can assure them no cost will be involved. The medical results will be delivered electronically to you within an hour of your receipt.

Do I need anything to prepare for the medical exam or blood tests?
Once the client is aware of the type of medical exam they will take, you can provide advice to assist with their preparation. It is important to remind your client fasting blood tests require a minimum fasting period of 10 hours. As a general rule, the client should drinking plenty of water prior to the test. The client should also avoid strenuous exercise before the appointment, as this may falsely elevate the reading. The client should take medication as per their normal schedule.

Although PPG will be vigilant in relaying this information to your client, a friendly reminder from their advisor can provide added reassurance.

Will the appointment inconvenience me?

Whatever tests you require for your client, we will attend to their needs efficiently, discreetly and with minimal intrusion into their busy day. We offer mobile pathology/paramedical service, visiting your clients at their nominated location, seven days a week.

The appointment times range from a 15-minute blood test to a 30-minute short medical /blood test. If the client requires a paramedical exam or GP Medical, this will take around 45-minute. Making your client aware of the specific time frames can help strengthen your client relationships.

What procedures will the nurse complete during the appointment?

Your client may be curious about the procedures they will encounter during their medical test. Providing an indication of what to expect can reassure your client they won’t be faced with anything out of the ordinary. In general, they can expect basic medical history questions, height and weight measurements, and blood pressure and pulse readings.

Blood tests will examine cholesterol, liver/kidney functions, glucose and HIV/Hepatitis. If your client requires a urinalysis, this will involve the collection of a urine sample in a sterile jar. This tests for protein, blood, glucose and bilirubin.

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