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4 strategies to minimise disruption to your client

Seeking life insurance cover is a process that can be delayed time and time again. We’ve found what often holds people back is the hassle of giving up their time and the belief that the pathology process will be intrusive and disruptive.

By using a paramedical service provider, you can minimise any disruptions and hesitation from your client. We’ve highlighted our top four strategies to help reassure your clients their experience will be as hassle-free as possible.

Recommend mobile pathology testing

For those with busy schedules, the thought of travelling to a medical facility and sitting in a waiting room can be a big deterrent to seeking life insurance cover. Additionally, for others, it’s the dreaded hassle of taking the time off work. Which some people simply cannot afford.

Furthermore, many paramedical service providers offer mobile pathology testing appointments seven days a week. To minimise disruption to your client, you can recommend mobile testing as an alternative to travelling to a medical facility. Therefore, informing your client that they won’t need to leave their workplace or home for their medical exam will help overcome any hesitation.

Suggest interstate testing

Is your client always on the move? Needing to constantly reschedule appointments whilst juggling a busy schedule can make the whole exercise very tedious. However, an unexpected business meeting interstate or a last-minute getaway doesn’t need to delay the testing process.

With this in mind, to avoid the possibility of rescheduling and delay, inform your client that paramedical service providers can offer Australia-wide medical services. Your client will then feel reassured that their medical exam won’t be affected by an unexpected itinerary change.

Limit disruption to 15-minute

There is a common misconception that medical tests are intrusive and time-consuming. However, with the right team on your side, this is simply not the case.

A paramedical service provider trains professional nurses to complete blood tests without taking more than 15-minutes of your client’s time. Specifically, the nurses attend to your clients needs discreetly and efficiently, keeping in mind your client’s busy schedule.

Guarantee results within the hour

Finally, we know your clients can’t stand anxiously awaiting medical results. Especially when the outcome determines the status of their overall health.

To prevent unnecessary stress and anxiety, paramedical service providers deliver all medical results electronically to the insurer usually within an hour of our receipt. This ensures a short turnaround time which streamlines the approval process.

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